Shilagh Tobin

An image of Shilagh Tobin, a speech and language pathologist in the Therapy Pro team

Speech And Language Pathologist

Brisbane & Brisbane North

  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Speech and language pathologist Shilagh Tobin joins Therapy Pro committed to enhancing clients’ lives through improved communication.

Shilagh’s role involves assessing and addressing challenges that affect literacy, language development, the formation of sounds, words and sentences, or swallowing in children and adults.

She can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

Past placements have seen Shilagh in hospital, clinic and school settings, providing experiences that ranged from assessment of developmental delays to rehabilitation support, post-stroke.

“To be unable to communicate detracts from quality of life. It’s such a privilege to help clients communicate their desires and wants,” she says.

Naturally inquisitive, this life-long learner is committed to finding solutions that suit her clients’ individuality.

Shilagh was awarded a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Queensland in 2018.

(And in case you were wondering how to pronounce her name, it’s SHY-LAR!)


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