Sophie Challenor

a person smiles at the camera and is proud to work for therapy pro

Speech and Language Pathologist


  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Social communication
  • Spoken and non spoken communication
  • Works with children

Therapy Pro speech and language pathologist Sophie Challenor helps child, adolescent and adult clients address challenges impacting language development, social communication, swallowing and literacy.

Sophie understands the importance of being able to communicate effectively – for physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

She’s passionate about empowering you to speak your mind: to have your needs, wants and ideas acknowledged, understood, and valued.

“Everyone has some form of communication,” Sophie maintains. “Even challenging behaviours can be forms of communication; it’s so important we all work together so that every person has their message heard and valued.”

In joining Therapy Pro in Toowoomba, Sophie brings experience working with children and adults with speech difficulty, developmental delay, intellectual disability, and autistic people.

Sophie has supported clients who don’t use spoken language and is experienced in implementing augmentative and alternative communication strategies.

She has also supported client to use and understand social communication so that they can feel more competent and capable in more places with more people.

Sometimes (with prior agreement and approval), Sophie is accompanied by Peaches, a groodle therapy dog. Peaches is pat-icularly helpful in motivating clients, supporting language and social skills development, as well as building confidence in communication.

Sophie gained a Master’s degree in speech pathology at Griffith University.