Susan Allan

An image of Susan Allan a Physiotherapist with Therapy Pro.



  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Susan Allan is a highly experienced physiotherapist with a passion for improving quality of life and vocational opportunities for her clients.

She’s worked in her field for more than 25 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge, skills and understanding in community and workplace-based physiotherapy.

Now she brings her skills to clients, the Therapy Pro way, with a problem-solving mindset for long-term solutions.

Susan works extensively with children and has particular expertise in addressing developmental delays. She also works with adults who often seek to improve their mobility and reduce pain.

“I’m excited to be delivering physiotherapy in real situations. Going into someone’s home is very real. The help I’m able to give is very much what’s needed and wanted there and then – it’s immensely satisfying, and empowering because the client learns skills to manage better.”

Susan’s strong communication and interpersonal skills enable her to quickly connect and build rapport with her clients. Little wonder she has an enviable reputation as a high-quality sought-after provider of physiotherapy.