Sylvie Braverman

Social Worker


  • Family Counselling
  • Individual Counselling

An accredited social worker, she’s helped clients overcome personal difficulties to realise their goals to the best of their abilities, since 1994.

Sylvie has spent many years working within migrant and refugee communities and identifies with many shared challenges.

She has a strong background in mental health counselling as well as grief and trauma therapy. This includes supporting parents as they learn how to deal with their feelings and better manage issues with children who have a disability.

Sylvie’s toolkit includes behavioural support strategies as well as individual and family counselling. ‘Counselling’ may mean sitting with someone creating a safe space in which the client can speak freely without judgement; it may involve problem-solving and learning new ways of thinking or coping. It can also include reminding clients of their strengths.

“Sometimes people need an independent observer to see parallels in their experiences and point out—remind them—how they’ve overcome before,” Sylvie says.

Sylvie’s role complements and supports Therapy Pro’s other therapists—psychologists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists— who may be working with your family.