Tiffany Chan

A photo of Tiffany who smiles at the camera, she is wearing glasses and her hair is long

Occupational Therapist

Gold Coast

  • Aids and Equipment Assessments
  • Motor Planning and Sensory Processing
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

Tiffany Chan became an occupational therapist after seeing ‘joy’ brought back to her grandfather’s life after a series of strokes.

Frustrated by his loss of independence, he was also disinterested in traditional physical therapies to restore strength and movement—until a therapist took the time to find out about his passion.

“Grandpa loved playing Chinese chess. The therapist engaged Grandpa in upper limb exercises by playing the strategy game with him. It motivated Grandpa, it engaged him—and it inspired my career choice,” says Tiffany.

“No matter what our age, we all deserve to be engaged in activities that are meaningful, that bring joy and can be done safely.”

As a Therapy Pro occupational therapist (OT) on the Gold Coast, Tiffany helps children, teenagers and adults with disabilities participate more in the everyday activities of life that are important to them—like personal hygiene, functional mobility, eating, community access and social activities.

She can assess and prescribe appropriate aids and equipment to improve independence, safely.

Tiffany has significant experience with adults whose abilities have deteriorated due to degenerative or neurological conditions, as well as supporting clients living with cancer, vascular and lymphoedema conditions.

A Griffith University graduate, Tiffany can carry out assessments and deliver tailored interventions in either English or Cantonese.