Valerene Chin

Valerene smiles at the camera

Psychologist (provisional)

Melbourne & Melbourne North West

  • Anxiety and stress management support
  • Behavioural support and advice
  • Emotional regulation and stress management
  • Individual counselling
  • Speaks language/s other than English
  • Support with addiction
  • Supports people with trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

While relationships are something we humans are hardwired to want, they’re not always that easy to develop, build and keep.

Therapy Pro psychologist (provisional) Valerene Chin offers a safe space in which you are able to talk about what’s on your mind and discover why and how thoughts impact on your every day.

“Relationships are central to the human experience. When we understand the origins of our feelings… we get a better perspective of why certain patterns keep repeating themselves in our lives.”

A provisional psychologist, Val is available to work with Therapy Pro child, adolescent and adult clients needing psychological assessments and interventions.

As well as developing behavioural support plans, she can help you work through anxiety, grief, trauma, depression, complex mental health issues, emotional regulation issues and stress management.

Val particularly, though not exclusively, works with clients with complex needs.

“Many of my past clients have not had the best start in life. Personality disorders, for example, don’t come out of nowhere. They are often a person’s way of coping and adapting to trauma.”

Val can deliver therapeutic sessions in English or Mandarin.

Valerene Chin gained her Master of Professional Psychology from the University of Wollongong.


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