Vidushana Raveendran

A photo of Vidu

Senior Speech and Language Pathologist

Melbourne & Melbourne South East

  • Alternative communication technologies
  • Spoken and non spoken communication
  • Support with communication challenges
  • Works with children

Vidu Raveendran joins Therapy Pro’s South East Melbourne team as an early childhood Senior Speech and Language Pathologist, with a decade’s professional experience.

Vidu works with babies to 8-year-olds, assessing and supporting their language development, communication, social skills and literacy.

She can also help explore Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) options such as communication boards, speech generating devices and dedicated communication apps.

Vidu Raveendran has particular experience working with children who have global developmental delays, intellectual disabilities and autism.

“Making friends, having a voice, telling a parent they love them; moments like these play a huge part in our lives. Working with families to collaborate on what’s important to them, that’s when we see the best outcomes,” Vidu says.

“I really enjoy supporting parents to nurture the success they want for their children, and empowering families to advocate for their child’s overall wellbeing.”

Vidu’s specialist skillset includes approaches which help children improve early communication, language, play, school transition and inclusion. She is trained in a number of evidence-based programs including the Hanen “More than Words” program, “Social Thinking”, and Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding.

Vidu Raveendran gained her Masters of Speech Pathology at Flinders University.



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