Wendy Dolan

Psychologist (provisional)


  • Family Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Trauma
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

In her previous career, Wendy Dolan sought to ease clients’ emotional worries by addressing their financial concerns

For decades, she worked as a well-respected financial planner and counsellor.

Then she realised she wanted to support clients’ wellbeing through more than wealth portfolios.

As a psychologist (provisional), Wendy now has a range of tools to support child and adult clients’ emotional and mental health, undertaking psychological assessments and interventions.

As well as developing behavioural support plans, Wendy can help clients work through anxieties, stress, grief, trauma, depression, and other emotional regulation issues. Wendy’s life experiences, combined with qualifications, hold her in good stead to be able to offer this support.

Viewing life through the eyes of a carer and a parent, Wendy has nurtured patience, empathy, respect, and appreciation for the ‘simple things in life’.

“There’s magic in small things,” she says, explaining that her gratitude journal records at least five things daily before lights out, every night.

Wendy completed her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with the University of New England.