Yvette McKendry

An image of Yvette McKendry, psychologist with Therapy Pro


Sunshine Coast

  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Works with adults
  • Works with children

As someone who enjoys getting out and making the most of going to the park or beach with her young family and a good coffee, Yvette is keen for other people to experience the same simple pleasure of being outdoors.

“When you sit down and listen to people who are having difficulties in their lives, you realise how many areas are impacted; their school, work, home, and inclusion in the community”.

“There is so much potential for me in my role as a psychologist to facilitate change and improvement in people’s lives.”

Yvette has worked in the disability sector for over ten years, five as a Disability Support Worker (in Emerald and Brisbane) and almost six years as a provisional psychologist with Disability Services.

Working across all age ranges, as a psychologist Yvette provides support to children and adults, as well as the team of family members, support workers and teachers around the client.

Yvette is skilled working alongside clients that have dual diagnoses (mental health and disability) but her area of speciality is Positive Behaviour Support and Intervention.

Competent carrying out psychometric assessments, Yvette sees developing training and providing support to the services around the person, as a major part of her role.

“It’s important that team around the person all have the same understanding of the situation and that they are motivated to successfully implement the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.”

“It is such a privilege when a client, a family, or a disability support service, opens their doors to you and you work hard to build a relationship together because you both want their life, or their loved ones life, to be the best it can.”