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Brisbane team

Penny Cosh

Penny Cosh, early childhood specialist social worker

“Parents need to have the right information at the right time so that they can make the best decisions for their family.”

“Good therapy intervention and support are critical, particularly in the early days but also during times of transition and significant milestones such as starting kindy or school, or parents returning to work.”

Penny Cosh has helped bring clarity, sense and confidence to hundreds of south-east Queensland families during her social work career of more than 12 years.

Just as she was the ‘go to’ person called on to support adults and children in health crises at major metropolitan hospitals—and for more than a decade with Disability Services—she’s now Therapy Pro’s Brisbane early childhood specialist social worker.

Penny brings a delicate blend of empathy and comfort with no-nonsense practicalities when parents or carers of children with a disability need to make informed decisions.

She creates a safe space in a world that may have just been turned upside down and inside out, steering clients through a bewildering maze of services, networks and supports.

Penny’s role complements and supports Therapy Pro’s other therapists—psychologists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists— who may be working with your family.

Penny has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Social Work.

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Jodie Dobson

Jodie Dobson, paediatric occupational therapist

Jodie understands that the world as she sees it is not the same for her young clients—it can be too loud, too cold, too prickly, too…much.

Jodie helps families to understand their children and helps her young clients cope better with their challenges so that they can take part in activities to the best of their abilities.

Jodie Dobson previously worked in her hometown of Toowoomba as Therapy Pro’s first specialist paediatric occupational therapist.

Occupational therapists are daily life specialists, supporting clients to ‘do’ more independently.

Jodie works specifically with children, helping them to develop their daily living tasks including dressing, toileting, bathing, exploring, eating, sitting, sleeping, going to school, making friends and playing.

“I love occupational therapy because it is about the everyday—helping individuals achieve more of the things they must do, need to do and want to do,” Jodie says.

“I help children build foundation skills for their daily activities.

“Play is up there as a need and a want because it’s through play that children learn so much about the world, other people and themselves.”

While Jodie is experienced in assessing and tailoring interventions for children who present with developmental delays and children who have physical or intellectual disabilities, her expertise is working children who have autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing difficulties and their families.

Jodie gained her post-graduate certification in sensory integration from Ulster University while working in the United Kingdom, supporting children within the home and classroom.

She’s a University of Queensland graduate and has recently relocated to Brisbane.

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Jen Ryan

Jen Ryan, speech and language pathologist

“I value family time personally and that influences how I work with families. I better appreciate parents’ concerns and time pressures.”

Therapy sessions with clients are fun, involving everyday activities, often with siblings, parents, carers or friends too so that ‘homework’ becomes part of everyday living rather than a chore.

Therapy Pro Brisbane team member Jen Ryan helps her clients find’ their voice.

speech and language pathologist, Jen works with children and adults who have communication challenges or swallowing difficulties.

Jen can assess and address challenges impacting language development, mealtimes, swallowing and literacy.

Jen has worked in the disability sector as a ‘speechie’ since 2004. She brings a wealth of experience and insights from supporting clients with speech and swallowing challenges brought about by a range of disabilities including intellectual and physical disabilities, autism and acquired brain injury.

Engaging and approachable, trusted and practical, Jen has a personality that sparkles–sometimes her face does too courtesy of glitter from her home life.

She can also prescribe technological aids to provide alternative non-verbal communication.

Jen’s expertise is highly regarded in her profession: she’s been a university clinical educator helping train undergraduate students and she’s a Therapy Pro’s speech and language therapist, ensuring our best practice delivery of speech and language therapy through clinical supervision.

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Menaka Thomas

Menaka Thomas, physiotherapist (paediatric)

Menaka’s sessions are play-based, to make therapy ‘fun’ for the child while seriously addressing the issue.

“I’m a big believer in ‘little bits often’ and that goes for the home practice between sessions. Life is busy—I better appreciate that now that I’m a mother!”

East-meets-West when addressing issues of body movement with physiotherapist Menaka Thomas.

In a career spanning about 15 years, working mostly in the disability sector, Menaka has helped hundreds of people—adults, children and teenagers—access and engage in their physical environments with as much independence as possible.

Experience has taught Menaka that other ‘stuff’ can impact on movement, or adherence to practice exercises or keep trying—feelings of loss or frustration or grief, for example. That’s why Menaka also trained as a counsellor, to be able to better listen and understand and help clients.

“Mind and body influence one another. The client is the expert of his or her body; the family knows the child best. I listen to that expert knowledge and apply my expertise in ways that will be relevant and natural,” she says.

Joining the Therapy Pro team, Menaka now specialises in children’s needs, bringing physiotherapy to your youngster in a place that’s comfortable, natural and relevant—home, playground, school…

A yoga practitioner, Menaka sometimes draws on age-old breathing techniques to help clients relax.

Menaka is a University of Queensland graduate, holding a master’s degree in paediatric physiotherapy as well as post-grad counselling qualifications.

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