What NDIS support coordinators say about Therapy Pro

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out across Australia, support coordinators are under the pump.

Support coordinators have the big job of connecting clients with the NDIS and once an NDIS plan is in place, connecting the client to local services, activities and resources.

With such pressure to bring an NDIS plan to life, the easy route for support coordinators could be to link clients to established support providers they know.

Therapy Pro—considered a ‘new kid on the block’ when it opened for business as an NDIS-registered provider in Townsville in May 2017—has experienced consistent growth thanks in no small part to glowing feedback that comes from delivering what’s promised.

Communication, experience, compassion, flexibility and responsiveness are key reasons support coordinators repeatedly put forward Therapy Pro as a provider of choice to consider for occupational therapy, psychology, social work, speech therapy and physiotherapy services.

For support coordinator Kim Scott, managing NDIS participants in Toowoomba, working with Therapy Pro therapists has made her job so much easier.

“Communication is fantastic. Even when the pressure is on, they always deliver and work with me.

“I ask once and it is done!

“I have had many wins for participants and this could not have happened without the open communication from Therapy Pro assisting me. I let participants know that Therapy Pro has never let me down.”

Mercy Community Services service development manager Daena Berkhout considers the Therapy Pro allied health professionals as an extension of her care team—albeit virtual—as they deliver therapy services to clients in Toowoomba and Ipswich NDIS regions.

“I like that no matter how challenging, or how tight the deadline, Therapy Pro meets our people’s needs, time and again.

“NDIS talks about being ‘person-centred and that focus is clearly at the forefront of the Therapy Pro therapists’ thinking.

“They don’t come in as the experts with a one-size-fits-all solution. They come in with fresh eyes, respectfully working with our own similarly qualified team members and the client.”

Townsville-based Leigh Ann Rozis, team leader at New Way Agencies, has been delighted to see that while ego is not a part of the Therapy Pro language or culture, compassion and a client-centred focus are.

“I’ve dealt mostly with Rachel and she’s worth bottling. I wish all my clients could have her!

“The very idea of meeting a client where they are comfortable, outside of an office environment, is unusual in my experience with psychologists.

“In this action alone, Therapy Pro takes away the fear factor (of seeing a psychologist) and makes the experience incredibly more approachable.

“Communication flow between sessions builds understanding and rapport and it’s part of the Therapy Pro way. No, they’re not billing for it: they’re not simply ticking boxes.” Their attitude is about forming long supportive relationships that will bring results.”

NDIS—this new way of putting people with disabilities in control of what they need to achieve the life they want—promises new ways of providing services.

Therapy Po doesn’t just promise: it delivers.

The Therapy Pro team has capacity for new clients now. Call to connect with the new breed of allied health therapists made for the NDIS world: Therapy Pro. Contact us on 1300 004 414 or email. We’d love to get to know you.

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