Assessment Clinics

To understand your child’s development, you need a team that works in an individualised way with your family.

Therapy Pro for Kids is an award winning program that provides developmental assessments, diagnostic reports and tailored information, to empower you to navigate your next steps with clarity and get the right support for your child.

Our assessments provide you with:

  • Diagnostic reports to support a formal diagnosis
  • Supporting information to apply and access to the NDIS
  • Individualised information to help you find the right school

Why an assessment?

As children transition through milestones such as kindy and school, parents and educators can notice signs that something is different about the development of a child. Developmental or diagnostic assessments can help everyone – families, teachers, GPs, paediatricians, carers – to understand these differences, and allow parents to put the right long term strategies in place to help the child thrive.

Parent Checklist - does my child require a developmental assessment?

A developmental assessment may be recommended if your child is having difficulty performing everyday tasks and/or if they are not meeting expected developmental milestones.

The best indicator for concern is YOU as the parent. Strong parental concerns or a significant loss of skills might indicate a developmental assessment may be beneficial.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, or if your child is demonstrating any of the below behaviours, please get in touch with our team today and we can discuss if a comprehensive developmental assessment is right for you.


Social and play skills

  • Poor interaction with adults and other children
  • Prefers to play alone (after age 2 ½ years)
  • Lack of or limited eye contact
  • Not interested in toys
  • Repetitive or rigid play
  • Difficulty making and maintaining friends (school-age)
  • Difficulties with social conversations or making friends

Communication and language

  • Not using many words – (less than 50 words at age 2 years)
  • Not combining 2-word phrases after age 2 e.g., “Mummy go”
  • Not following simple instructions e.g. “get your shoes”
  • Lack of response to sounds or pictures
  • Not using gestures or pointing

Learning and daily routines

  • Difficulty learning new things
  • Difficulties developing independence in daily routines such as dressing, feeding self and toileting.
  • A high level of frustration and tantrums/meltdowns which occur more often or last longer than expected.
  • Strong reactions to sensory input such as sounds, lights, touch etc.

How we work

Our highly-skilled team works in a flexible and individualised way to suit your family. We take a holistic approach to providing support and where appropriate, connect with other people in your support team like your GP, paediatrician, or school, to better understand your child.

The multisensory, play based approach will gently guide your child to gather information. We operate in a transdisciplinary and cohesive way, which provides you with access to the combined knowledge of experienced occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, social workers and psychologists.


Our Assessments

Many families are on long waitlists to receive assessments through their local and state based health system.

Therapy Pro provides a model for families to select a private, fee for service, option that allows you to talk to a skilled professional about your child’s development and put the next steps in place faster.

For families, GP and paediatricians who would like to print further details, you can download the Therapy Pro Assessment Clinic Fact Sheet.

Clinic Location

Our clinic is conveniently based in the south east of Melbourne, and is a warm and inviting environment for families.

Follow up parent discussions and meetings can be held online if you prefer.

Payment Options

Therapy Pro for Kids offers a fee-for-service model, so you can skip the waitlist and get the information you need sooner.

Individualised assessments start at $1,500 and after an initial conversation – where we gather specific information about what you are looking for – you are then provided with a customised quote to suit your needs. From there, a deposit is requested and a plan coordinated for our team to support you through the process.

Some families may be able to claim the cost of the assessments through Medicare or their private health insurance. We are flexible and can offer payment plans or pay as you go options.

Chat with us first

Getting the right support for your child can be an overwhelming experience at times. Take advantage of our complimentary 15 minute chat with the Lead ECA Therapist so you can ask questions, and we can understand more about what you are looking for and how we can best support you and your familiy.

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