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Why Join Therapy Pro?

Therapy Pro’s life changing therapy experiences empower people, families and communities to realise their potential.

Would you like to be part of a warm and vibrant team that sets out to do this for people each day?

See our list of current vacancies

An image of Chelsea Hobbs, speech and language pathologist

Recent Graduates

If you are keen to kick start your career working in a growing organisation that values innovation and provides a fresh way of delivering therapy to clients, we need to connect with you.

At Therapy Pro, we recognise recent graduates have specific needs and tailor support to build skills and confidence in our Graduate Program.

As a recent graduate, you receive discipline-specific supervision from an experienced clinician. Plus, our comprehensive onboarding package includes regular access to a lead therapist and a wide range of therapy-specific colleagues in Melbourne, South-East Queensland and Northern Queensland. Best of all, you are also connected to therapists outside your clinical area as part of a strong multidisciplinary team.

See our list of current vacancies

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An image of Jen Ryan, speech and language pathologist with Therapy Pro

Experienced Therapists

Besides an attractive salary, we offer an environment of continual improvement, where you can work with a team of skilled therapists that make a real impact in people’s lives.

We operate in a flexible way offering a truly unique opportunity for qualified therapists to be part of a new, innovative service delivery model that has clients at the centre of all we do.

If being part of a multidisciplinary team where you are professionally extended and celebrated, while having freedom in the way you deliver therapy excites you, Therapy Pro is for you.

See our list of current vacancies

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Therapy Pro central office team

Professional Development

We believe in investing in your ongoing professional development. 

Therapy Pro allocates $4,000 annually  to each therapist for learning and development. This can be used in many ways and we actively encourage you to pursue your interests or develop skills in other areas.

Our master class sessions —where we rotate presenters and topics —allow knowledge to be shared between all therapists, creating a culture of continual improvement and support.  

See our list of current vacancies

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Therapy Pro OT Sandra stands beside the ePoster banner at the 2019 OT conference in Sydney

Strong Values and Flexibility

Therapy Pro provides a positive work environment and a culture of collaboration, support and growth, with flexible work options to suit working parents, recent graduates and people looking for the right balance that suits them. 

We believe in a workplace culture underpinned by strong values that nurture our therapists as they provide high-quality therapy supports to our clients, and maintain a collaborative and supportive work environment that respects professionalism, outcomes and efficiency.  

We are mobile so you get to work from home, visiting clients in their preferred environments, in a full and part-time capacity.  

See our list of current vacancies

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Four therapists from the Townsville team stand together at a table at a networking event

Love working with people?

Work and collaborate with like-minded therapists across five allied health areas –occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, psychology, social work, and physiotherapy– in a multidisciplinary way.

With the changing professional landscape, particularly in disability services, there are both opportunities and challenges for therapists who want to do excellent therapy and work towards tangible outcomes for their clients.  

Therapy Pro takes care of all the business requirements (finding clients, quality and compliance, scheduling, billing, systems, insurances and infrastructure) so you can focus on what you do and enjoy most – working with clients. 

See our list of current vacancies

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You'll love working with us

Be part of a team led by professionals in the therapy field. 

See our list of current vacancies

Therapist positions are open to both experienced therapists and recent graduates.  

Full and part-time employment options are available. 

Visa sponsorship available.

Relocation packages available.

Excited and like to join our team? We’d love to meet you. 

NDIS Therapy Services

Therapy Pro is a registered NDIS provider of therapy services. Find out about our client-centred approach to help you achieve your goals.

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Join Our Team

Therapy Pro’s life changing therapy experiences empower people, families and communities to realise their potential. Join our warm and vibrant team that sets out to do this each day.

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Therapy Pro for Kids

All children develop differently and sometimes, a child needs a little help to find their feet. Put the right support in place and everyone benefits.

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Therapy Pro acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as traditional custodians of this nation. We pay our respects to the owners and keepers of the lands where we work and acknowledge all Elders past, present and emerging.