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Education and Training Packages

Therapy Pro: Leaders in Education, Training and Intervention

We deliver clinical excellence in allied health services made accessible via NDIS funding, Medicare, and fee-for-service.

We provide education and training to referrers, parents, carers, educators, and therapists across a range of allied health disciplines.

We tailor education and training packages to suit your goals.

Our therapists are award winners who make a difference to their clients' lives.

Find out more or get in touch to talk to us about your needs.

Clinical Leaders in Intervention, Education and Training

At Therapy Pro, we deliver clinical excellence across the allied health disciplines of occupational therapy, positive behaviour support, psychology, social work, and speech and language pathology. 

We offer mobile therapy services across the east coast of Australia, and nationwide telehealth options. This ensures our clients can access the services they need, from the location of their choice.

Along with clinical service delivery, our registered therapists also develop and deliver training and education packages to cater to a variety of professionals.

Why Choose Education and Training Packages by Therapy Pro?

Tailored content so you get what you need

Our packages are carefully designed to cater to a variety of professionals involved in allied health and education. We offer sessions that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Sessions designed to sharpen your skills

Each of our education and training sessions are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to better support your clients across many sectors, including education and disability.

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Exceptional and quality education

All our education and training sessions are developed and delivered by our team of registered allied health professionals. You have access to best practice knowledge and high-quality experience.

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Value for money

Competitive pricing means that you are investing in training and education that delivers premium content and value for money.

Enhance your impact

Our sessions go beyond standard approaches - they add value to your professional journey, ensuring that you deliver your services with increased confidence and impact.

Flexible access to knowledge

Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or the convenience of online training, our sessions are available in both formats. You can also choose between live or pre-recorded material.

Ready to start?

This allows us to better understand how we can help you reach our goals. For example do you want to - train your staff; educate your stakeholders; or inform your clients?
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Our Education and Training Packages

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For Medical Professionals

Tailored to care for yourself, your practice, and your patients

early learning educator training and workshops
For Educators

Developed to empower you to set your learners up for success.

support worker education and training
For Disability Service Providers

Designed to upskill you to support your diverse clients with special needs.

Start Your Learning Journey Today

Ready to learn more about our education and training packages?

Simply fill in our form below and our Leah, our Relationship Manager, will be in touch with you to personally guide you through the process.

Leah will listen to your goals for accessing education and training and let you know which one of our packages might be suited to your needs. We also have options for creating bespoke packages.

Leah will prepare a proposal and quote for your consideration, which may include pricing for venue hire and catering if required.

Once you accept the proposal, our therapists will develop content and supporting resources for your sessions – all matched to your education and training goals.

From there, our therapists will then deliver the sessions and prepare any necessary outcomes, such as visual aids, resources, flyers, case notes, etc. 

To close the loop, Leah will reach out to you to ensure the sessions met your specific needs and to discuss any follow-up support options.

Your journey in in education and training can start today, with Therapy Pro.  

And we are honoured to be supporting you to support your clients.

This allows us to better understand how we can help you reach our goals. For example do you want to - train your staff; educate your stakeholders; or inform your clients?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Education and Training Packages

Ultimately, our education and training packages are designed with your client in mind.

This is because our clients are at the centre of all we do, and we know that this is likely the case for your organisation as well.

Given this, the benefits of our education and training packages are two-fold: you are upskilled in a way that delivers better outcomes for your clients.

In undertaking education and training with Therapy Pro, you will walk away with:

  • An enhanced understanding of the topic to better enable you to make more informed decisions and provide more effective support to your clients
  • More developed skills and knowledge about related tools or strategies covered in the sessions and workshops
  • An increased confidence when it comes to using your new knowledge in your everyday activities
  • Contemporary content that relates specifically to your role and how you support your clients 

Our education and training sessions, workshops, and packages are tailored to meet the needs of:

  • Medical professionals such as general practitioners, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians
  • Educators including those working in early learning centres, mainstream schools, and special education schools
  • Disability service providers including support coordinators, support workers, and plan managers
  • Parents and carers of NDIS participants

When you are ready to begin your education and training journey with Therapy Pro, simply fill out this form and our Relationship Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your specific needs.

From there, we work with our clinicians to tailor your sessions, workshops, or packages to meet your specific learning outcomes.

In this way you will have access to relevant and contemporary strategies and tools developed by clinicians to support your clients.

Most of our education and training packages are delivered face-to-face. Alternatively, we can also deliver the content online to ensure ease of access by all attendees.

In some instances we can also pre-record the content so that you have life-time access.

Discuss your requirements with our Relationship Manager and we will work to meet your needs where possible.

Yes, sessions can be made available online.

We consider a range of factors when we cost out our education and training packages including, venue location, development of bespoke resources and materials, session and workshop duration and mode of delivery.

We will develop a quote for your consideration when we know more about your specific requirements. 

Yes! We price out our sessions individually, however should you wish to purchase multi-session packages, we can offer a discount. Our Relationship Manager will discuss this with you when you reach out.

Add-ons to your sessions and workshops can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and learning outcomes. For example, your initial package may target educators, however you also want to run information sessions for parents that are pitched at a certain knowledge point.

Our therapists can also develop tailored educational resources for your clients including flyers for clients or patients, or visual aids for young learners.

Ensure you discuss any ongoing support you may require with our Relationship Manager.

education and training packages by therapists - therapy pro
Together, let’s reach your goals

Have a question or want to know more? Get in touch – we’re here to help however we can when it comes to education, training, and therapy services for children, adults and the ageing in Australia.

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