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We support educators and teachers in early education settings to understand the needs of the diverse children in their rooms

Our clinicians develop and deliver training and education sessions that cover the full range of early childhood developmental milestones

We tailor education and training packages to suit your goals.

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Sessions, Packages, and Webinars to Empower Educators and Teachers

Therapy Pro are a team of registered allied health professionals who provide in-person and telehealth support services across Australia.

Along with clinical service delivery, our therapists also develop and deliver training and education sessions, packages, and webinars to cater to a variety educators and teachers.

We deliver content that is specifically designed to upskill early years educators to support the unique and diverse learners in their room. 

We offer individual sessions, multi-session packages, and webinars at various price points and educational complexities designed to match the needs of your staff and parents.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are perfect for education centres and schools that have a focus on upskilling educators on one or two core areas of child development and milestones.

All our sessions are presented by a registered therapist that has experience in child development across the early years.

Individual sessions run for 60 minutes and are followed by 30 minutes coaching session with questions and answers.

Prices start from $900 per workshop (up to 20 participants), which includes travel and printing for supporting resources.

Early Language and Communication Skills

Learn about receptive and expressive language, social communication skills, how language and communication develops, and what signs to look for which may indicate a need for further assessment.

Sensory Processing and Brain Development

A deep dive into sensory processing and the links between brain development and expected milestones. Learn about self- and co-regulation strategies and the behaviours we might expect from young children.

Social and Emotional Skills

Understand how children learn social and emotional skills and the importance of emotional intelligence in early childhood. Hear how to help young children build resilience and empathy, and interact positively with peer groups.

Positive Behaviour Support in Early Education

We look at what PBS is in early education with a focus on behaviour prevention, instruction, and reinforcement. Learn how educators can identify triggers and patterns of behaviour. Gain an understanding of the role environment plays and how to modify to suit the needs of the child.

ASD in the Early Years

With a focus on the importance of early intervention , you’ll learn what the signs of ASD are in young children, how to cater for autistic children in the classroom, and what to say to parents should you recommend further assessments.

Multi-Session Packages

If your educational centre or school is looking to upskill your staff or parents across multiple early childhood developmental milestones, our multi-session packages may better meet your needs.

Packages run for up to 120 minutes and are followed by 30 minutes coaching session with questions and answers.

Prices vary, but start from $1800 per group (up to 20 participants), which includes travel and printing for  supporting resources.

If you don’t see a package below that suits your needs, reach out to our Relationship Manager for a bespoke package.

Developmental Milestones within the Early Years

This multi-session packages focuses on developmental milestones impacted by early language and communication skills, development of sensory processing, and social and emotional skills. You’ll learn what signs to look out for that may warrant further assessment.

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