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An ASD assessment can shine a light on your child giving you an insight into how their unique mind works

Therapy Pro for Kids is a multi-award-winning team that provides developmental ASD assessments, diagnostic reports and tailored information, to empower you to navigate your next steps with clarity and get the right support for your child.

Diagnostic reports to support a formal diagnosis

Supporting information to apply and access the NDIS

Individualised information to help you find the right school

Take a closer look at our Assessment Clinic

Get a feel of our Assessment Clinic, and hear more from two of our therapists about how they’re helping families seeking autism and developmental assessments for their children – watch our full video here:

ASD Assessments Offered

Our highly-skilled team works in a flexible and individualised way to suit your family. We take a holistic approach to providing support and where appropriate, connect with other people in your support team like your GP, paediatrician, or school, to better understand your child.

If you are seeking an ASD assessment our team can help and is a good first step for you to take.

We operate in a transdisciplinary and cohesive way, which provides you with access to the combined knowledge of our experienced occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, social workers and psychologists.

Some of the assessments we offer include:

Comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary Autism Assessments

Cognitive and Learning Assessments.

Speech and Language Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments

For more information on our specific assessments, click this fact sheet.

Why an ASD assessment?

As children transition through milestones such as kindy and school, parents and educators may notice signs that something is different about the development of a child. 

Developmental or diagnostic ASD assessments can help everyone – families, teachers, GPs, paediatricians, and carers – to understand these differences and allow parents to put the right long-term strategies in place to help their child thrive.

ASD is an autistic spectrum and as such your child will require a unique set of strategies matched to their individualised goals.

Does my child need an Assessment?

A developmental assessment may be recommended if your child is having difficulty performing everyday tasks and/or is not meeting expected developmental milestones.

Some of these milestones are easy to identify and others, are not. An assessment will help you to rule out whether your child has autism or if there is another area of their skills that may be slower to develop than expected.

The best indicator for concern is YOU as the parent. 

Strong parental concerns or a significant loss of skills might indicate a developmental assessment may be beneficial.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, or if your child is demonstrating any of the below behaviours, please get in touch with our team today, and we can discuss if a comprehensive developmental assessment is right for you.

Social and play skills

Poor interaction with adults and other children

Prefers to play alone (after age 2 ½ years)

Lack of or limited eye contact

Not interested in toys

Repetitive or rigid play

Difficulty making and maintaining friends (school-age)

Difficulties with social conversations or making friends

therapy for kids therapists working together with parents and children in a sandpit

Communication and language

Not using many words – (less than 50 words at age 2 years)

Not combining 2-word phrases after age 2 e.g., “Mummy go”

Not following simple instructions e.g. “get your shoes”

Lack of response to sounds or pictures

Not using gestures or pointing

Learning and daily routines

Difficulty learning new things

Difficulties developing independence in daily routines such as dressing, feeding self and toileting.

A high level of frustration and tantrums/meltdowns which occur more often or last longer than expected.

Strong reactions to sensory input such as sounds, lights, touch etc.

Assessment Costs

Therapy Pro for Kids offers a fee-for-service model, so you can skip the waitlist and get the information you need sooner.

Individualised assessments start at $1,700 and after an initial conversation – where we gather specific information about what you are looking for – you are then provided with a customised quote to suit your needs. From there, a deposit is requested, and a plan coordinated for our team to support you through the process.

Some families may be able to claim the cost of some of the assessments through NDIS funding, Medicare or their private health insurance. 

We are flexible and can offer payment plans or pay as you go options.

How do I get started?

We strive to meet the needs of our clients by offering quality services by qualified and well-supported therapists.

You do not require a referral to book in with our assessment clinic.

If you are ready to get started, fill in the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and our customer service team will be in touch to discuss your next steps.


Therapy Pro for Kids

We provide families with several options when it comes to accessing therapy and assessments, creating flexibility so everyone can find exactly the support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Assessment Clinic

Our assessment clinic is conveniently located in Brighton East, Victoria. The assessment clinic is open by appointment only. There will be some components of each assessment that can be done via video call, such as parent interviews and feedback sessions.

You can access our assessment clinic without a doctor’s referral. To book in an assessment, or to speak with our intake team, click here.

Yes, during our intake phone call we will work with you to develop a tailored assessment approach that meets your child’s individual needs.

We provide assessments for children aged 2 to 16

Yes, we have Clinicians at Therapy Pro that provide a range of assessment and services to adults, that may meet your needs. For more information on our adult services or to make a referral, click here. If we do not provide the type of assessment that you require, we will guide you to other services that can meet your needs.

Only a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist can make a formal diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Throughout our comprehensive autism assessment, our experienced therapists gather information to determine whether your child’s presentation is consistent with an autism diagnosis. After reviewing the comprehensive report our therapists provide, your child’s Paediatrician can then make a formal diagnosis, provided your child meets the diagnostic criteria.

Therapy Pro for Kids offers a fee-for-service model, so you can skip the waitlist and get the information you need sooner. 

Assessments start from $1,700 for a full and comprehensive client interview, Autism assessment, caregiver feedback meeting, and report. 

You will receive an individualised quote on your child’s needs and referral (if relevant). Some families may require specific assessments or information to support additional support applications for school or NDIS funding. Some families may be seeking answers to suspected developmental delays but don’t require funding or diagnosis. 

It is because of these nuances that each assessment is priced according to your unique needs and situation. 

NDIS funding, Medicare and private health insurance may be used to cover part of the assessment cost for eligible clients.  

If your child is under 13 years, they may receive some Medicare rebate through the ‘Helping Children with Autism’ Medicare scheme. If you intend to claim this, then you will require a paediatrician or psychiatrist referral. 

We are flexible and can offer payment plans or pay as you go options. 

We offer a range of assessments, based on the child’s needs, including: 

  • Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) 
  • Autism Diagnostic Assessment Schedule-2 (ADOS-2) 
  • Cognitive assessments 
  • Speech and language assessments 
  • Functional capacity assessments 
  • Social skill assessments 

We also offer educational environment observations where required.  

Your child’s specific assessment needs will be discussed with you in detail before your session. 

Depending on your individual needs, several Therapy Pro for Kids therapists can be involved in the assessment/s.  

You might work with a speech and language pathologist, an occupational therapist, a psychologist – or a combination of each.  

However, to ensure clarity and consistency for families, the whole assessment process is led by a Key Worker who always acts as your one point of contact. 

Key Workers can also support your family in your communications with other healthcare providers or educators as required. This ensures a collaborative and family-centred approach when working through your child’s assessment. 

Every child develops at different rates, however the best indicator for concern is YOU as the parent. 

Strong parental concerns or a significant loss of skills might indicate a developmental assessment may be beneficial. 

An assessment may be recommended if your child is having difficulty performing everyday tasks and/or is not meeting expected developmental milestones. 

When you contact us to make a booking, we will discuss the concerns you might have about your child’s development, so we can ascertain which developmental assessment is right for your needs. 

Yes, our assessments are completed in line with the National Autism Guidelines laid out in the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

All our therapists are trained in the assessments they use and are experienced in the area of child development. 

We use evidenced-based assessments to inform our clinical decision-making. We follow a strengths-based approach, and we provide evidence to inform a diagnostic evaluation, using a multidisciplinary team approach.  

Remember: You do not need a referral to book in an assessment for your child

If you’re ready to make a start, simply fill in the enquiry form and our client services team will be in touch.

Autism Assessment Clinic referral and booking process


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