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Therapy for Kids

We know that each child develops differently, and sometimes, they just need a little help to find their feet.

If you have concerns about the development of your child or have a child with a disability that requires support, our team offers experienced supports and therapy for kids.

Our skilled therapists work flexibly to support the individual circumstances of each family.

We have got you covered with a wide range of accomplished, friendly practitioners who bring a wealth of knowledge.

We’re committed to supporting our client families with exceptional services.

Our whole team is ready to support you with a wealth of experience across different disciplines.

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Therapy Pro for Kids – A Team Around the Child Approach


The Therapy Pro for Kids team is a three-time winner of the Australian Disability Services Award for Best Early Intervention Program, which brings us so much joy and pride.

Kids are at the heart of everything our paediatric therapists do. Our team of hugely experienced clinicians design and deliver their support based on a “team around the child” approach. 

As kids grow, their needs evolve. They might start with occupational therapy and later require speech and language pathology support, or maybe some psychology and positive behaviour strategies. But the real foundation and constant in their life is their family and when the family and support team place the child’s development at the centre, we find that therapeutic strategies are far more successful.

Our team of highly-skilled therapists provide support across assessments, reports, therapy planning, sourcing the right equipment, supporting your child through times of change and transition (such as starting daycare or school), upskilling parents and carers. 

Read more about our services and how we support families and children.

Whatever season your family is in, we are here to provide grounded, personal support!


We can’t wait to meet you and your family. In the meantime, we’d love to introduce ourselves.

We are research driven.

The research is clear: children with additional needs often benefit from a coordinated care approach that is consistent and seamless. Truly coordinated care requires the people you choose to share your story with to understand your child and their needs, to carry sensitivity to the way your family operates, and to know what matters to you.

Our whole team is ready to support you.

We offer a complete Team Around the Child approach. We have got you covered with a wide range of experienced, friendly practitioners who bring a wealth of experience.

Simple, straightforward communication

At Therapy Pro for Kids, we are all about streamlined communication. This has a direct impact on the quality of rapport our therapists can build with your child, making it easier to build meaningful, enjoyable relationships within a support framework.

We are all about enjoyable therapy!

Our priority is creating space in your relationship with your daughter, son, or special little person to enjoy spending time together, engaging in fun activities which just so happen to have therapeutic benefits and outcomes.

Flexible and intuitive reporting.

We offer flexibility on the depth and scope of reporting, only using formal assessment tools when they are clinically appropriate. We strive to ensure these reports represent the areas where your child would benefit from extra time and attention, while also clearly describing their unique strengths, passions and interests.

While we do indeed carry out assessments and write reports, we are just as invested in spending the time necessary to get to know your child, how your family works, and who else is in your support community. We use this to build a coordinated and seamless support system for your child and your family.

We love what we do.

Every time a family trusts us to be their therapist, Key Worker, or therapy team, we get a rush of excitement. We know what a privilege it is to be trusted in those roles.

We genuinely love to spend time with your child, playing and laughing, sharing our thoughts and experiences with you in order to develop new skills and behaviours. We are thrilled to educate parents and carers about how to support your child in becoming the best version of themselves.

Therapy Pro is strongly committed to child safety. For more information, read our:

Therapy for Kids Services

Therapy Pro for Kids

We provide families with several options when it comes to accessing therapy and assessments, creating flexibility so everyone can find exactly the support they need.

Therapy for Kids: Service Types

Specific Support

Single Discipline Approach

If you only need to access one of Therapy Pro for Kids’ disciplines, such as speech, occupational therapy, social work or psychology, we are here to provide specific support.

2+ Therapists

Team Around Child Model

Whether you need a mixture of an occupational therapist, speech pathologist, psychologist, social worker, or any other combination, we are ready to help.

We can put together just the right team of therapists to match the needs of your child and their interests. Our holistic, coordinated care model means we look after all of the background work necessary.

Streamlined Support

Key Worker Model

Many families find that streamlining therapy services with one primary therapist delivering support is the best fit for their needs.

In this model, you’re supported by a team, but you only need to connect with one of the therapists (the Key Worker).

They are responsible for coordinating your therapy and implementing those therapeutic strategies within your home and everyday environments.

Other Services

We can also provide the following services

Reporting and autism assessment

Parent Coaching and Education

Support to early education settings through Innovative Solutions or Kindy Uplift Program

Professional development and coaching to those working in the early intervention sector

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Specific Support Areas

We love working with kids across a wide range of areas, including…

  • How your child expresses themselves (including using gestures, vocalisations, spoken language, signing, use of pictures or other symbols, a desire to show you things they are interested in)
  • Understanding and interpreting the world around them (such as listening to instructions, taking turns in play and conversations, answering questions, desiring to understand how things work and what happens next)
  • Helping them to use equipment/resources that encourage their language development
  • Improving their means of getting their messages across so that they’re understood
  • Working with your child across how they move, play and experience the world with their bodies
  • Building independence in navigating home, childcare and school, as well as building access to everyday experiences like riding a bike
  • Supporting your child as they use equipment and other aids to experience the world from different angles and platforms
  • Supporting parents or carers so they’re able to safely lift, handle or position their children
  • Encouraging engagement with other children and adults in social settings, such as the park or daycare
  • Developing how your child uses and plays with toys
  • Encouraging your child to seek out different play and movement experiences in their surroundings
  • Increasing their ability to access the opportunities they’re most excited to
  • Improving their engagement in meaningful play and tasks on a daily basis
  • Developing your child’s sense of purpose and creativity during play, and encouraging them to have opinions about their preferences
  • Observing how they interact with their siblings, peers, and other children in their life, and encouraging sociable behaviour
  • Teaching your child how to approach and initiate contact/communication with others
  • Equipping your child to respond and engage when others approach them or invite them into their play time and experiences
  • Supporting your child to handle frustration and build resilience through the development of problem-solving skills
  • Developing your child’s confidence to take a turn, share, ask for help or set boundaries with others
  • Nurturing your child’s independence throughout everyday ‘jobs’, such as eating or dressing
  • Making the most of everyday routines, such as bath time, to develop new skills and behaviours
  • Supporting parents through mealtimes and concerns around feeding, including how to best support children who find mealtimes difficult
  • Developing better sleep routines (a win for your child and for you!)
  • Assisting your child in the transition to being toilet-trained
  • Enabling the use of equipment and other aids that develop independence on a daily basis
  • Help your child to learn about feelings and emotions, including how they feel in their body and what to do when they feel ‘out of their depth’
  • Encourage positive responses when your child is feeling challenged, upset, frustrated, excited or anxious
  • Teach your child strategies for developing resilience when things don’t go as planned
  • Reduce the risk of your child hurting themselves or others when they’re upset or overwhelmed
  • Support parents and carers to respond in an intuitive and aware manner to their child through the use of strategies and skills tailored to each child’s development age and stage
  • Working with your child to explore how they interpret and feel the information provided to their bodies through touch, sight, taste, sound, pressure and balance
  • Equipping children to learn how to manage sensory input so their world feels ‘right’ to them
  • Developing methods to increase their engagement in learning through adjustments to their common environments
  • Increasing your child’s awareness of personal safety and potential risks in their environment, such as roads or hazards
  • Encouraging more natural curiosity in their play, such as learning to ask questions and how to explore the way things work
  • Enabling your child to categorise and sort their world in useful ways related to concepts such as shapes, colours and sizes
  • Developing within your child an interest and awareness of academic concepts including letters, numbers, reading and writing

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Meet some of our
Therapy Pro for Kids Therapists

Melbourne North West
Telehealth & In person
Veronica C

Age range: Supports clients across the lifespan.

Veronica works with clients across the lifespan who require psychological assessment and intervention.

Gold Coast
Claire G
Speech Pathologist

Age range: Supports clients aged 0 – 6.

Claire loves working with children, supporting their speech and language development through play and engaging activities. Claire has a special interest in AAC and early intervention.

Sydney Inner West
Telehealth & In person
Yasemin E
Speech Pathologist

Age range: Supports clients aged 0-12.

Yasemin is a member of the Therapy Pro team based in Inner West Sydney. She has worked with children and adolescents with various communication needs. Yasemin has a special interest in early intervention and believes that a family-centred approach to intervention is fundamental in supporting children’s communication development.

Brisbane South
Telehealth & In person
Aden N
Psychologist (Provisional)

Aden joins Therapy Pro as a Psychologist (Provisional) looking to help how he can, where he can. Aden has a passion for assisting children, adolescents, and young adults, and has the ability to connect and create rapport with clients on similar interests.

Telehealth & In person
Jeslin T
Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Age range: Supports clients across the lifespan.

Jeslin is a Social Worker and Behaviour Support Practitioner who works with both adults and children. Jeslin is experienced in supporting clients with autism, ADHD, developmental delays, Schizophrenia, dementia and PTSD. Jeslin has an interest in providing assessment and intervention for clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Melbourne South East
Telehealth & In person
Helena N
Occupational Therapist

Helena works with children, supporting and empowering children and their families to achieve their goals. She supports kids with developmental delays and neurodiversity, and has an interest in supporting fine and gross motor skills development.

Frequently Asked Questions

This first session is a concentrated opportunity for you to get a sense of who we are, how we work, and for us to meet you and your child.

During this time together, we’ll ask for information necessary to provide the best possible support services to your child.

This includes any relevant history, current interests and strengths, areas of concern or worry, identifying what’s important to your child, and any skills or behaviours they’d like to learn.

Take a look at our First Meeting guide to learn more.

Our first priority after receiving your referral is getting to know who you are, building familiarity so you and your family can get comfortable with our team.

We kick this off with our First Family Meeting. Here, you’ll meet a couple of our team members, and together, they’ll get to know more about your child, family, your goals, and your support preferences.

After this meeting, we develop a ‘how we can help’ response that’s entirely tailored to your needs, providing a tailored plan for your child that includes integrated resources, goals and a support plan

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“I strongly believe in the importance of enabling, educating and empowering clients and their families.”

Ainslee Wessling

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