Ainslee Wessling

An image of Ainslee Wessling, occupational therapist with Therapy Pro

Occupational Therapist

Sunshine Coast

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Ainslee Wessling loves how rewarding being an occupational therapist can be.

“I strongly believe in the importance of enabling, educating and empowering clients and their families.”

Working in a client-centred way, Ainslee delivers quality, evidence-based care and support to enhance people’s overall quality of life.

“Gaining rapport with the client but also their families and support circle is what allows us to be able to collaboratively set goals and engage people in therapy that is meaningful to them. Building these positive relationships with both clients and the people that support them is the strongest way to promote better overall health and wellbeing.”

With a background in community occupational therapy, Ainslee enjoys working with clients that have diverse complex disability and medical needs.

With a particular interest and passion for assistive technology, Ainslee sees the amazing ability for it to help people reach their potential and give them independence.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as supporting a person to mobilise or shower more safely and efficiently, or even to be able to prepare their own meals. It’s amazing to see a person be able to do things for themselves for the first time using assistive technology.”

Ainslee is proud to be an occupational therapist and enjoys supporting people of any age, to reach their goals and do the things they want and need to in life.

A graduate from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Ainslee now lives on the Sunshine Coast and loves exploring the outdoors and the many beautiful places the coast offers.