Therapy for Children

Getting the right supports to children at the right time can make all the difference. Therapy Pro provides therapy services to children of all ages - from early intervention through transition to school, adolescence and young adulthood.

Our therapists work closely with children, adolescents and young adults and their loved ones using a ‘team around the family’ approach to deliver positive, sustainable outcomes. We work in partnership with you to address concerns affecting your child’s cognitive, behavioural, social, emotional, communication and physical development.

We have multidisciplinary teams of therapists, including psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work and physiotherapy. And we come to you, seeing you in the location that works best for you and your family, such as your home, school, local park, childcare centre, grandma’s house – you name it!

Therapy Pro supports families and children to reach positive outcomes on their physical and emotional development, social interactions, educational capabilities, vocational pursuits and independence to access the community.

If you have any of the following or similar concerns regarding your child, we can help:

  • My child is yet to develop the ability to roll, sit, crawl or walk
  • My child is finding school / the classroom overwhelming
  • My child cannot communicate their needs, thoughts or feelings to those around them with words, signs or gestures
  • My child is having difficulty with self care tasks such as toilet training, dressing, bathing, etc
  • My child is not motivated to play with other children or spends a lot of time alone
  • My child has a lot of tantrums because I do not understand what he/she wants
  • My child is very particular about what he/she will eat or finds it hard to be part of family mealtimes
  • My child has trouble winding down, resting, going to sleep and/or sleeping
  • My child may have a global developmental delay or other diagnosed disability or syndrome that means they may need additional supports to reach their developmental milestones
  • My child often seems to be ‘wound up’ or conversely ‘sluggish’ and needs help to be calm
  • My child needs continual prompting / guidance to follow routines or learn sequenced actions such as packing a lunchbox
  • My child finds it tricky to engage in messy play, sand play, water play or other scenarios where the environment may be uncertain
  • My child finds it challenging to read and interpret the emotions / reactions of other children and adults

As part of our therapy for children services, we aim to:

  • Focus on how to foster more joy and fun when engaging in play with peers, family members, teachers, friends and other significant people in your life
  • Strengthen relationships and the connection between parents and children
  • Provide parents with practical tools and encouragement to engage with therapy and further develop your child’s abilities
  • Help build confidence and expertise in parenting skills with your child
  • Celebrate the achievement of milestones throughout the journey
  • Develop a meaningful and genuine relationship with your family so we can support you now and into the future

Therapy Pro is strongly committed to child safety. For more information, read our:


Additional policies including Privacy and Preventing Abuse, Harm & Neglect are available here

Contact us for more information on how we can help your child and family.

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Therapy for Children

Getting the right supports to children at the right time can make all the difference. Here’s where you start.

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