Director of Service Delivery

Lara, Liz, Fiona and Kirstie are very experienced professionals who in their roles, provide clinical and management oversight to ensure outcomes that create real change for people.
Dr Fiona Davis Director of Service Delivery

Dr Fiona Davis

Fiona joined the Therapy Pro team in 2019 in the role of Director of Service Delivery.

A behaviour support practitioner and psychotherapist, specialising in dual diagnosis, Fiona brings strong clinical experience to Therapy Pro.

Fiona is recognised as an expert in positive behaviour support through her work across the disability sector over many years, her participation in international conferences and published articles on the subject.

When Fiona says she understands the importance of supporting a person with disabilities to live their own best life, her understanding isn’t theoretical or purely professional, it is also personal. As a former army paramedic, Fiona’s initial mission was to fight for her son’s interests to get the supports needed from health services, schools and other providers.

Over the past twenty years, Fiona has dedicated her professional energies to helping people living with disabilities, mental health concerns and complex trauma to connect with the right support they need.

In recent years, she’s also held senior management roles focusing on clinical service delivery, best-practice and quality.

Fiona’s many formal qualifications include a Professional Doctorate – Health and Clinical Sciences from the Queensland University of Technology in which she researched transition for youth with physical impairment and the impact on them and their families.

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Lara Strohfeldt Director of Service Delivery

Lara Strohfeldt

Among the many strengths Lara brings to Therapy Pro, is a deep understanding of sustainable processes that enable positive outcomes.

Lara’s management experience at an international level in developing business practices, system implementation, and customer service and change management, is pivotal in creating the Therapy Pro client experience.

Combined with a background in occupational therapy, Lara is able to use her comprehensive knowledge of what steps need to be taken and what support needs to be provided in order to help clients achieve their goals.

Key to Lara’s drive and energy is her genuine belief that individuals deserve to be the best they can be.

Lara’s skills and leadership experience working with high-performance teams, combined with her efficiency in service delivery allows clients to get more out of limited resources.

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An image of Kirstie Hinsley is an occupational therapist with Therapy Pro.

Kirstie Hinsley

Kirstie Hinsley has been a dedicated occupational therapist for 20 years. Now, as one of the Directors of Service Delivery, Kirstie will provide leadership to therapists working across all disciplines, something she very excited about.

Kirstie will use her practical nature and success as mobile therapist to bolster knowledge with early career therapists entering Therapy Pro as participants in the New Graduate Program. Watch Kirstie’s video where she talks about working at Therapy Pro.

As an OT, Kirstie helped clients with aids and equipment assessments and made recommendations for modifications at home to improve independence and safety.

UK-trained Kirstie draws on experience in hospital settings and community, as well as private practice, working with clients who have needed post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation for acquired brain injury and dementia, and mental health support.

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An image of Liz Murray, a speech and language pathologist in the Therapy Pro team

Liz Murray

Liz offers an exciting combination of leadership, sector knowledge, specific skills as a SLP, humour, plus being based in Melbourne, provides a deep understanding of the local market. Therapy Pro is very excited to welcome Liz to the DSD team who together lead our team of therapists in Melbourne, NSW, South East Queensland and North Queensland.

A skilled speech and language pathologist, Liz Murray works across the age range and enjoys the collaborative approach that being part of a multidisciplinary team provides.

With experience that includes working with people who have developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder and more generalised communication difficulties, Liz works in a flexible and creative way, to use her knowledge to support the individual 

Liz is interested in the link between language and behaviour. This has supported teachers and carers to make changes to the way they communicate with teenagers and young adults that can reduce unhelpful behaviours.  

Having worked with children and adults in the Northern Territory as well as the United Kingdom in both education and community health settings, Liz now calls Melbourne home. 

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