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Ariel L

in Toowoomba

Age range: Supports clients across the lifespan.

Ariel has experience working alongside children, adults and families from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Ariel has an interest in working in empowering, holistic, client-led, and relationship-based ways that acknowledge clients’ lived experiences. He is an experienced Social Worker and a qualified Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Areas of experience

Emotional regulation

Improving daily living skills

Increased independence

Trauma-Informed framework

Works with non-verbal people

Works with adults

Works with children

Psychosocial disability

Psychosocial Assessment & Report

LOTE - Polish, French


Bachelor of Social Sciences (PSY; major in Public Relations; minor in Criminology), Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

PBS Qualified


“Lived experience of a human being is unique. Understanding this is an integral part to an authentic and meaningful therapeutic relationship”

How I work

Get to know Ariel L

How can you support people?

Ariel’s role as a social worker in a multi-disciplinary Therapy Pro team is to work alongside children, adults and families in ways we explore together, to deliver a holistic and empowering therapeutic experience that embraces clients’ lived experience, values, and identity, amongst other relevant complex social contexts.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Ariel has worked mostly in the Child Protection and Disability space (since 2019). Ariel is committed to advocate with people and against injustice and inequity, in a genuine and client-led way, where uniqueness of the individual and their circumstances is of paramount importance.

What is your approach to working with people?

Ariel practices in a gentle way, where creating and maintaining a safe space with the people he supports is an integral part of the relationship. Ariel uses active listening skills to build genuine therapeutic connections with people and families he works alongside.

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