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Erum A

in Brisbane South

Erum joins the Therapy Pro team as a Senior Speech and Language Pathologist. Erum works across the age range and enjoys having a mix of clients, finding her motivation when people make steps to have an improved way to communicate.

Areas of experience

Speaks language/s other than English

Works with adults

Works with children


Erum graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) from the University of Queensland.


“When you see parents and carers react to the progress of their child, it’s really amazing and it’s something you don’t forget.”

How I work

Get to know Erum A

How can you support people?

Erum works across the age range and enjoys having a mix of clients, finding her motivation when people make steps to have an improved way to communicate.
Working with children who are late talkers, Erum finds real joy in being there when they say their first word, and the impact this then has on the whole family.
Erum is skilled working with people who have ASD, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy or people who have Acquired brain injury, to assist them to find ways to communicate when words aren’t always possible, using augmentative and alternative communication methods.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Growing up as the eldest in a noisy household with her four sisters, Erum’s multilingual family speaks five languages–Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi, Hindi and English. Still now there are times with everyone talking together that any number of the five languages will be spoken and mixed around.
“Often dad is the one to help correct us if we start talking in one language and confuse or mix up the grammar as we switch to another. I have a special curiosity in how language works and love to compare and contrast how people communicate, and what it means when we communicate.”
Erum was keen to pursue a career in medicine and thrived in the science subjects but also had a strong pull to work closely with people, helping them. Speech and language pathologist as it turned out, was a perfect mix of science and working with people.

What is your approach to working with people?

With a client led approach to therapist and the space to be creative, Erum likes to make people comfortable and get to know them, which helps draw information out naturally, rather than take an overly structured plan to achieving goals.
“I have a very strong sense of being part of a team, with my colleagues, but also importantly with my clients. I am part of their support network and support them by being generous with my energy and collaborating with other therapists they are working with or their parents and family. I always celebrate and remind people of their achievements!”

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