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Gwen P

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Mental health accredited social worker Gwen has dedicated years to supporting clients with complex mental health presentations and comorbidities.

Areas of experience

Anxiety and stress management support

Support with depression and emotions

Supports people with trauma

Understanding of personality disorders

Works with adults

Works with children

Psychosocial disability

Psychosocial Assessment & Report

Medicare Registered


Originally from South Africa where she trained in clinical psychology, Gwen holds masters’ degrees in both counselling and social work from the University of Queensland.


“We can work together to build healthy strategies to deal with challenges and changes in life rather than behaviours or actions that perhaps have not been as healthy or helpful in serving you.”

How I work

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How can you support people?

Gwen has specialist training in acute mental health, focusing on psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, and personality disorders.

This included work with trauma: 66% of psychosis is precipitated by trauma including emotional/sexual/childhood abuse or neglect, she says.

In private practice, Gwen has helped clients also deal with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

How does your background shape the way you work?
What is your approach to working with people?

Gwen uses a person centred, strengths based solution focused approach to therapist.

Her toolkit of evidence based therapeutic interventions includes cognitive behaviour therapies, dialectical behaviour therapist, schema therapist cognitive processing and trauma informed care.

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