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Jasmine K

in Melbourne North West

Jasmine supports children and their families with communication difficulties and differences. She has experience working within areas of cerebral palsy, autism, global developmental delays and rare conditions that require both communication and mealtime support. Neurodiversity affirming practice, multiple communication methods, and inclusion are particularly important to her and guide her therapy approaches.

Areas of experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Alternative communication technologies

Spoken and non-spoken communication

Support with communication challenges

Understands swallowing challenges

Works with children

Works with non-verbal people

Supporting development of eating & drinking skills


Masters of Speech-Language Therapy Practice, University of Auckland; Bachelors of Arts in psychology, University of Auckland


Everyone needs support, and every person thrives when given the support they need

How I work

Get to know Jasmine K

How can you support people?

Jasmine supports children with communication and mealtime support needs. She works with children themselves, family members and anyone else in a child’s team. Supports are personalised to you and your family: Jasmine follows what’s most important to a child and their family and helps families break these areas down into meaningful, achievable goals.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Jasmine has worked in the disability sector for over 5 years, supporting children and families in different roles. She has experience supporting young children with complex communication and mealtime support needs, minimally-speaking autistic children, children with vision impairments, and physically disabled children. She has a passion for inclusion and focusing on a child’s strengths. Jasmine comes from a multi-ethnic family and appreciates the overlap of culture and communication. She is monolingual but supports families to implement strategies in their home languages.

What is your approach to working with people?

Jasmine meets parents/caregivers where they are at, and follows your lead for how you would like to receive speech-language therapy. She can meet you at home, in the community, online, or at your child’s school/early childhood centre. Jasmine takes a strengths-based approach to therapy and goal setting.

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