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John U

in Melbourne South East

Age range: Supports clients aged 10+.

John knows that achieving real change in life requires motivation and determination. Having worked at Therapy Pro for a number of years, registered psychologist John supports clients face-to-face in Melbourne’s South East, or nationally via telehealth.

Areas of experience

Emotional regulation and stress management

Family counselling

Support with depression and emotional regulation

Tools for ASD and psychosocial concerns

Works with adults

Works with children

Assistance with anxiety and stress


A Monash University psychology graduate, John gained his Masters of Psychology with ISN Psychology.

PBS Qualified


“My focus is to help my clients live rich and meaningful lives by building on their strengths and helping them to develop the skills they need “

How I work

Get to know John U

How can you support people?

John supports clients wanting to improve social interactions, learn new skills, and maintain positive behaviours and overcome anxiety and depression.

How does your background shape the way you work?

During John’s 30 year career in business management he was always drawn to understanding and assisting the people he worked with to overcome challenging situations in their work and personal lives. This ultimately led to John’s decision to change his career to focus on helping people full time.

What is your approach to working with people?

John seeks to understand his clients and then apply extensive life and work experience with empathy, pragmatism and evidence-based therapies to help them achieve their goals. He is available to support adolescent and adult clients’ emotional and mental health, undertaking psychological assessments and tailoring appropriate therapeutic interventions.

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John U can see people face-to-face in and around the following locations, or provide therapy Australia-wide over telehealth.

Caulfield East




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