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Psychological Support Contributing to Community Well-being in North West Melbourne

In Melbourne’s North West, a diverse and rapidly evolving community, the population’s needs are as varied as its residents. This area, known for its cultural diversity and dynamic growth, faces unique challenges that impact the mental health and emotional well-being of its residents. The value of psychological support cannot be overstated.

Meeting the Community’s Needs

To meet the therapeutic needs of the community, the Therapy Pro team is comprised of occupational therapists, positive behaviour support practitioners, psychologist, social workers, and speech pathologists.

The team provide a mobile-based service where they meet their private, public, and NDIS funded clients at their homes, in their schools, or elsewhere in the community.

Working collaboratively, the team offers a multidisciplinary approach to therapeutic interventions, ensuring that the holistic goals of the clients are met.

Skills and Experience that Make a Difference

In our Melbourne North West team is Veronica, a psychologist and positive behaviour support practitioner, who brings a wealth of experience to providing psychological assessment and intervention across the lifespan.

Her expertise is not just in addressing anxiety, stress, and emotional regulation but also in fostering an environment where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported.

With degrees from the University of Sydney and Monash University, Veronica’s approach is both evidence-based and empathetic. Her work spans from assisting young people and their families to build confidence in managing emotions, to supporting adults navigating the complexities of mental health and societal pressures.

Veronica’s practice is characterised by a client-centered approach, focusing on leveraging individuals’ strengths to overcome their challenges.

A Story of Impact

Veronica works closely with schools within her community, offering interventions for children and young people. She is starting to see an upward shift in the work she does to support young children struggling with emotional regulation.

Of her work, she says: “I help young children to understand and regulate their emotions by building confidence and self-awareness. It’s also about taking families on the journey, by providing strategies they can use at home to support their kids to thrive. If further interventions are required, we work with our multidisciplinary team to ensure that the child’s needs are catered for.”

This holistic approach not only helps the children to manage emotions but also equips families with strategies to support each other, illustrating the profound ripple effect of Veronica’s work.

Being Real in Therapy

Veronica’s practice embodies the essence of being real. Recognising that emotions and triggers are interconnected with our social environments, she creates dynamic interventions that include the client’s broader support network.

This approach addresses the individual’s needs and fosters understanding and support within families and educational settings.

The Value of Connection

For Veronica, the most rewarding aspect of her work is witnessing individuals build the courage to lean on others while also finding confidence in their ability to navigate their own challenges. This balance of seeking support and fostering personal resilience is at the heart of psychological well-being.

As Melbourne North West continues to grow, the demand for psychological services like those Veronica offers will only increase.

If you or someone you know in Melbourne North West is seeking psychological support, reach out to our Therapy Pro team to find out Veronica’s availability in the area or contact our team via the form below:

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