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Tools to Boost Productivity for a Support Coordinator in the NDIS 

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks you need to tackle as a support coordinator in the NDIS, you’re not alone.  

The job involves managing a whirlwind of responsibilities.  

From monitoring NDIS funding and staying on top of client records, to networking effectively and ensuring appropriate insurance is in place. It’s a role that demands not only great organisational skills, but also the ability to multitask and maintain focused amid the chaos. 

We understand that this job can be tough. Really tough. 

But what if we told you there was a way to make things easier? A way to streamline your work, boost your productivity, and ensure you’re offering the best possible service to your clients?  

In this article, we’re going to share tools that can make your life as an NDIS support coordinator simpler and more efficient. 

We’re going to delve into tools that have been created specifically for support coordinators and other referrers as well as general allrounder tools that can enhance your productivity, communications, and time management.  

These tools can simplify and streamline your workflow. They can help you manage client records, track funding, and expand your networks like never before. 

Imagine finishing your workday feeling accomplished, rather than swamped. Picture yourself having more time for what really matters: helping your clients. That’s what these tools can do for you.  

We don’t endorse any of these tools, they’re just provided in the hopes that they help make your lives easier.

Let’s jump into the details. 

Tools developed specifically for NDIS providers 


This disability management system is designed to meet the unique needs of NDIS providers. It provides robust client data tracking, staff task management, and financial monitoring, including NDIS funding. It transforms the way you manage client care.  

Read more about their mission. 


This online platform is invaluable for support coordinators in the NDIS. It helps connect NDIS participants with the right service providers, thanks to its extensive directory. 

Although MyCareSpace is a free community service that predominantly supports people living with a disability, their families and carers, they also have a wide range of resources designed to educate NDIS support worker as well.  

Read more about their goals. 

Brevity Care Software 

Brevity is focused on helping NDIS support coordinators effectively serve their clients. They have set out to develop the most advanced NDIS support coordination software to make your job easier. Their system covers compliance, care management, time tracking, KPI reporting, and can be integrated with other systems. Their system is touted as being simple to use, but powerful, and was built from the ground up with NDIS and your needs in mind. 

Read more about their features. 

Support Coordination Academy’s Resource Toolkit 

This toolkit comprises of a range of resources including videos, guides, and templates, providing a wealth of information to help you navigate the NDIS landscape. The toolkit was built by support coordinators and specifically designed for care coordination businesses to operate efficiently within the NDIS.  Some of their features include: creating agreements and forms, invoicing and tracking, managing service delivery, and much more. 

Read more about their inclusions. 

Provider Choice 

Provider Choice offer a free support coordinator portal that makes it easier to manage and check multiple NDIS plans at once. And as they also offer plan management services, if your client’s plan is managed by them, as their support coordinator you will also see every invoice and every budget movement in real time. 

Read more about their portal. 

Clickability Connect 

Clickability Connect is the sister tool of Clickability, a disability service directory that supports participants, providers, and support coordinators. Their system allows you to search, connect, and track all from the one portal. Manage all your clients’ details, see responses from providers to your service requests, and track every conversation and every spreadsheet in real time. 

Read more about their solution. 

Other tools to help manage your time, your projects, and your connections 


When it comes to managing your time and keeping track of your tasks, Asana stands an excellent project management tool. It’s your personal assistant, helping you sort out your workload, set your priorities straight, and make sure no task goes unnoticed. There are some free options available so you don’t need to pay the earth for a powerful tool. 


Time is precious, and yet, it can often feel like it’s slipping away. Toggl is a time tracking tool that doesn’t just count hours; it provides you with a clear understanding of where you have invested your time. Track your business activities or time spent with each client. Toggl has a great dashboard that delivers the data you need to better manage your time and increase your productivity. It’s straightforward, yet powerful. 


If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, and you want to grow your network, then we highly encourage you to create your professional profile today. It’s a little bit social media and a lot networking. It can help you to build meaningful connections within the disability sector, either directly with stakeholders, or within larger groups. 

Google Drive 

Cloud storage is a necessity in our digital world. Google Drive isn’t just about storing files; it’s a hub that ensures your client records are always current and accessible whenever they’re needed. You can collaborate on documents in real time, or you can share documents with the relevant parties. It’s like having a filing cabinet that’s available anytime, anywhere. 


Communication is key in any profession, and as an NDIS support coordinator, it’s absolutely critical. Enter Mailchimp, a tool that not only helps you stay in regular contact with stakeholders, but can automate your newsletters or updates, ensuring you deliver consistent, clear communication. 


No doubt you’ve relied on Zoom once or twice since the pandemic hit. But we couldn’t leave it off the list, just in case it is a new tool to someone within the industry. Use it as a virtual meeting room to bring clients, family members, or other professionals right to your screen, no matter where they are. It makes distance irrelevant and ensures the continuity of your services. 


Communication isn’t just about words; images matter, too. With Canva, you can create stunning, visual collateral and materials for your clients. Create brochures or training resources to send to your networks, or scale visuals to make them accessible for your clients. For younger clients you might like to make social stories or create colourful step-by-step instructions to support them in their various environments. The ideas are limitless! 

Capacity-building resources for support coordinators 

It’s also worth noting that numerous capacity-building resources are available online for NDIS support coordinators.  

These resources are essentially tools, materials, or training programs that help support coordinators improve their skills, knowledge, and abilities. The goal is to enhance their overall effectiveness and competence. 

In the context of the NDIS, support coordinators may use capacity-building resources to improve their ability to assist NDIS participants, learn new ways to manage client records, gain insights into the latest funding policies, or develop better ways of building and creating networks. 

Ultimately, capacity-building resources lead to better outcomes for NDIS participants. 

Check out these websites: 

Support Coordination Academy: They provide a range of tools including webinars, guides, and templates tailored to the needs of NDIS support coordinators. 

NDIS Commission Resources: The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission provides resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of NDIS providers.  

Community Resource Unit Ltd: The CRU offers training, programs, and resources to support capacity building for professionals working in the disability sector.  

National Disability Practitioners: The NDP association offers a range of resources for disability practitioners, including webinars, factsheets, and professional development opportunities.  

Connecting your clients with incredible therapists 

Now that you’re feeling organised and empowered to be more productive, here is the endgame: As an NDIS support coordinator, your main objective is to connect your clients with registered NDIS therapists.  

And not just any therapist, an incredible therapist who can work with you to help your client meet their goals and feel more independent in their everyday activities. 

Whether your client is seeking a skilled speech therapist, a proficient occupational therapist, a qualified social worker, or an experienced psychologist, it’s the quality of the therapist that can catapult their progress. 

But where do you find amazing therapists?  

Here at Therapy Pro we pride ourselves on being known for our quality service, approachable nature, open-minded way of working, and an enthusiasm to try new things and learn from others. 

We are an established NDIS registered and mobile provider of therapy services allowing us to meet our clients in the comfort of the environment of their choosing. 

Our team of therapists are warm, curious, real, visionary, and the best we can be. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to health care which allows us to best support clients and meet their goals in a holistic manner.   

To connect your clients with one of our incredible therapists, start by heading over to our website where you can research therapist bios or make a referral.  

When you do contact us, one of our fabulous customer service team members will take your details and match you with the appropriate available therapist 

Start exploring now to find the perfect therapist and enhance the life of your NDIS client. 

Because, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all striving for? To create a meaningful impact and to make a difference in the lives of NDIS participants. And the right therapist can make all the difference in the world.


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