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The five standout nominees for the Therapy Pro Values awards are pictured with their name


Every quarter at Therapy Pro, we recognise and celebrate our people through the Therapy Pro Values Awards.

The Values Awards create a meaningful way to celebrate and focus on the strong Therapy Pro values – of being warm, curious, real, visionary and the best we can be –  and our shared vision, to create life changing therapy experiences and new possibilities for people. This award concentrates on the way we work and connect with each other.

Our culture is built on being exceptional, connected and magnetic. Therapy Pro supports employees to thrive and see the impact this positive culture has on the way we deliver high-quality services to clients. We place importance on being authentic, collaborative and making positive connections with people each day.

Congratulations to the 30 people who were nominated last quarter. All the nominations shared examples of the way we work each and every day to make meaningful changes for clients. These five standout nominations listed are the employees that represented our values the most, and demonstrated how our actions create lasting impacts and meaningful experiences for people.

Standout Nominations

Cheyna Wiese (Client Services, Finance Administration Assistant) for representing the value of being warm

Nicole Guinan (South East Melbourne, Lead SLP) for representing the value of being curious

Sue Fothergill (Client Services, Client Services Manager) for representing the value of being real

Dresden Serna (Brisbane North, Physiotherapist) for representing the value of being visionary

Deb Field (Mackay, Senior Social Worker) for representing the value of being the best we can be

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