Therapy Pro has supported over 8,500 people

This morning from her new home in Toowoomba, Therapy Pro Director of Service Delivery Lara Strohfeldt spoke to ABC News Breakfast about her move to regional Queensland and the benefits her family is now experiencing.

“I’m very lucky to work for a great company, Therapy Pro –which is a therapy provider– they were really supportive of me moving to Toowoomba.”

Employees at Therapy Pro operate in a virtual way, working from their homes, collaborating with peers, administrative staff and managers across teams on the ground in Queensland, northern New South Wales, Sydney and Melbourne.

Providing movement between teams allows Therapy Pro to continue the development of skilled employees that are carefully selected for their client-centred approach to working with people, and allows employees to make choices for their families and future, knowing that they can continue a rewarding career with the support of their employer.

Therapy Pro is currently recruiting for an additional Director of Service Delivery. We encourage suitable people, located in regional or metropolitan locations, who are looking to take on this busy and rewarding role to apply now.

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