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Teresa P

in Melbourne South East

Age range: Supports clients across the lifespan.

Teresa, a Behaviour Support Practitioner in Southeast Melbourne, supports clients to navigate personal challenges. With a focus on behaviour support, Teresa excels in crafting comprehensive plans, conducting assessments, and providing staff training.

Her person-centered approach aims to uncover the root causes of challenges and develop robust coping skills. Teresa’s experience extends from positive behavioural support to report writing, and a profound understanding of NDIS. Fluent in English and Greek, she brings a versatile skill set and a passion for community service to her role.

Areas of experience

Anxiety and stress management support

Support with depression and emotions

Emotional regulation

Improving daily living skills

Increased independence

Development of behaviour support plans

Motivation and confidence building

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Functional capacity assessments and reports

Spoken and non spoken communication

Support with communication challenges

Works across the lifespan

Works with non-verbal people

LOTE - Greek


Graduate of Monash University with a bachelor of psychological sciences, Graduate of Australian Tafe Courses with a diploma of Counselling, To be graduate of Deakin University of Social Work


“In each obstacle lies an opportunity to discover the extraordinary within yourself”

How I work

Get to know Teresa P

How can you support people?

Teresa’s role as a Behaviour Support Practitioner complements and enhances the holistic support provided by mental health professionals. Her experience in crafting comprehensive behavior support plans, conducting assessments, and facilitating staff training aligns seamlessly with the efforts of other professionals such as psychologists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. Together, they create a collaborative environment that fosters the well-being and progress of individuals and families navigating personal challenges.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Teresa’s background as a seasoned Mental Health clinician/ behaviour support practitioner has profoundly shaped her approach to client care. Having worked extensively in behaviour support and mental health, Teresa brings a wealth of experience in crafting personalised plans and assessments. Her commitment to a person-centered approach reflects her understanding of the intricate layers of physical, mental, and emotional challenges individuals face. Teresa’s diverse roles, from support work to volunteer engagements, have cultivated adaptability and strong communication skills. This rich background informs her work, allowing her to unravel complexities and develop coping skills tailored to diverse scenarios, fostering a positive impact on those she serves.

What is your approach to working with people?

Teresa is exceptionally client-focused, tailoring her approach to individual interests and preferences. With a keen awareness of the importance of pacing in therapy, she ensures that the journey aligns with the comfort and readiness of each client. Teresa goes beyond providing support; she actively works to empower individuals, emphasizing their agency, choice, and control in the decision-making process. Her commitment to creating a collaborative and inclusive space reflects a deep belief in the value of each person’s unique experience and the importance of fostering a sense of autonomy within the therapeutic relationship.

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