Life changing for families.

All children develop differently and sometimes, a child needs a little help to find their feet. Put the right support in place and everyone benefits, because disability or developmental delays affect the whole family.

How we can help

Our paediatric therapists at Therapy Pro for Kids work together to assess and deliver the therapy children require and the support families need. We work flexibly to provide you choice and control over the therapy your child needs and deserves. This extends to where your therapy is delivered. We offer mobile therapy and can visit your home, your child’s school or childcare centre, grandma’s house, the local park or beach… just about anywhere you need us.

Our aim is to provide your family with as much or as little support as you need. More at critical developmental stages or through big transitions, such as starting school, and less as your child and family find your feet. Our services are designed to be responsive to your child’s needs, ensuring you always have the right people around you, at the right time.

What works for you, works for us.

Lead ECEI Therapists

An image of Penny Cosh, early childhood specialist social worker with Therapy Pro
An image of Jodie Dobson is a specialist paediatric occupational therapist working in the Brisbane NDIS region as part of Therapy Pro.

Penny Cosh

Social Worker, Brisbane

Penny from the Brisbane team provides emotional support to parents and families adjusting to a disability diagnosis and helps them to navigate the maze of the disability world, by creating links and connections to find the right help for their child.

Jodie Dobson

Occupational Therapist, Brisbane

Jodie understands that the world as she sees it is not the same for her young clients—it can be too loud, too cold, too prickly, too…much. Jodie helps families to understand their children and helps her young clients cope better with their challenges so that they can take part in activities to the best of their abilities.

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How we work

We will work together with you and your family, in partnership, to address your concerns about your child’s development. The depth of our team means that we have team members who have specific experience in dealing with a wide range of disabilities. Here’s just some of the areas we offer assistance.

Communication: how they express themselves and how they understand and interpret the world around them, their need to use equipment or other resources to assist in their language development and to improve their means of getting their message across and being understood, supporting parents with mealtimes and feeding concerns

Mobility: how they move, play and experience the world with their bodies, use of equipment and other aids to experience the world from different angles and platforms, support to carers to assist with handling, positioning and care

Play: how they engage with others, toys, experiences, their surroundings, increasing their access to preferred activities, improving their engagement in meaningful play and tasks and developing their sense of purpose and creativity

Making friends: how they interact with their siblings, peers and other children in their life, learning how to approach and initiate contact/communication with others, how to handle frustration and build resilience, encourage the development of social skills to support positive relationships with others

Independence and self help: how they engage in everyday tasks to increase their independence and sense of self; using every day routines to learn new skills and behaviours

Self regulation and behaviour: how they respond when feeling challenged, upset or frustrated, teaching strategies to help maintain regulation and avoid escalation behaviours, reduce instances of self harm or hurting others, supporting parents and carers to respond to their children using strategies and skills tailored to their child’s developmental age and stage

Sensory processing: how they interpret and feel the information provided to them through touch, sight, taste, sound, pressure and balance, helping children learn how to manage this information and use their preferences or aversions to increase their opportunity to engage in learning by maintaining a calm but alert state, teaching children how to ‘wind up’ or ‘wind down’

Our Objectives:

  • Focus on how to foster more joy and fun when engaging in play with peers, family members, teachers, friends and other significant people in your life
  • Strengthen relationships and the connection between parents and children
  • Provide parents with practical tools and encouragement to engage with therapy and further develop your child’s abilities
  • Help build confidence and expertise in parenting skills with your child
  • Celebrate the achievement of milestones throughout the journey
  • Develop a meaningful and genuine relationship with your family so we can support you now and into the future

Our Services:

  • Individual therapy
  • Telehealth therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Parent support and coaching
  • Assessment and report writing
  • Supervision and coaching
  • Training for other professionals working with families, young children and adolescents
    with disabilities

Therapy Pro is strongly committed to child safety. For more information, read our:

Additional policies including Privacy and Preventing Abuse, Harm and Neglect are available here.

We’ll give her all the time she needs.

We get it. Your child’s struggling. Whether it’s a physical, social, emotional or a wellbeing issue, it’s always a tough time for the whole family.

You know your child needs help, but you’re unsure as to who to talk to first. Who’s the right person to look to for support, someone who will understand what you’re facing. It can be a daunting, and sometimes overwhelming task, even for the most capable of us.

You can book a Therapy Pro for Kids therapist by using the online referral form, or if you would like to ask some questions, contact our Customer Service team now.

We can provide you with some clarity on how best to help your child and indeed your family. After all, it’s not just your child that needs support right now.