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Tony S

in Gold Coast

Tony has worked with clients in the aged and disability sectors since 2010. He has a special interest in supporting people with dysphagia or swallowing issues. Tony is a Lead Speech Pathologist at Therapy Pro.

Areas of experience

Alternative communication technologies

Support with communication challenges

Understands swallowing challenges

Works with adults


Social communication


Tony gained a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Masters in Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland.


“I want to help you regain your freedom, control and choice.”

“A persistent tickle in the throat or recurrent chest infections may be signs of an issue with swallowing and call for further investigation and potential intervention”

How I work

Get to know Tony S

How can you support people?

I have helped bring about change for clients whose frustration in not being understood has been misinterpreted by others, sometimes as aggressive or ‘challenging’.

How does your background shape the way you work?

I was formerly a case manager for adults with disability living in supported accommodation, so I appreciate the day to day living challenges and the importance of holistic individualised support.

What is your approach to working with people?

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Tony S can see people face-to-face in and around the following locations, or provide therapy Australia-wide over telehealth.


Surfers Paradise



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