What a Therapy Pro physiotherapist does

Physiotherapists help to promote the well-being of their clients using specialised knowledge of how the body moves, receives and interprets sensory information and endurance.

Physiotherapy supports people throughout life to access and engage in their physical environments with as much independence as possible.

Therapy Pro physiotherapists help children, teenagers and adults with a disability to move more effectively.

We also work with parents, carers and other support agencies to ensure that manual handling tasks involved with caring for a person with a disability—such as lifting, carrying or rolling— are done safely, to minimise the risk of injury.

We prescribe the right equipment and aids for safety and comfort.

Improving and maintaining movement and muscle actions: motor skills

Our physiotherapists work at developing, improving or maintaining movements and actions of the muscles, referred to as ‘motor skills’.

Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body and are used for actions like crawling, walking, sitting upright, lifting, kicking and throwing a ball.

Fine motor skills are smaller actions that involve the muscles of the wrists, hands, fingers, feet and toes. Picking up objects between the thumb and fingers is an example of a fine motor skill. Writing, drawing, doing a jigsaw puzzle and dressing are examples of everyday activities that need fine motor skills.

Ways Therapy Pro physiotherapists can help you

Working with you and your support network, Therapy Pro physiotherapists can:

  • advise on exercise, therapy and equipment that support the achievement of your goals;
  • coach you to improve posture and movement skills;
  • help strengthen muscles;
  • recommend mobility aids and equipment;
  • design exercise programs just for you to develop new motor skills and improve or maintain your existing skills and abilities;
  • help to reduce the chance of further disability and protection of current muscle tone and development through positioning and intervention such as prescription of orthoses;
  • integrate ideas and strategies into every day activities your child already participates in such as playing with toys, bath time, nappy changes, being outside and meal times;
  • recommend adjustments to everyday environments such as childcare, school and workplaces to allow involvement in valued activities;
  • assist with choosing and best use of assistive technology to facilitate independent mobility, communication, play, recreation and computer access;
  • suggest non-drug pain management methods; and
  • support your participation in sport, recreation and leisure activities.

Benefits of Therapy Pro physiotherapy

A key advantage with Therapy Pro is that our therapists come to you. And we are all yours while we are with you—in your own home or a place of your choice, giving you our undivided attention the time you really need.

Therapy Pro physiotherapists work closely with occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, social workers and psychologists to deliver a holistic approach to your disability support.

Therapy Pro physio comes to you

Therapy Pro physiotherapy sessions take place in whatever environment you feel is the best fit to meet your goals. This might be in your home, your workplace, school, child care centre, local park or respite facility.

Our physiotherapy sessions are developed to be practical, effective and efficient.

They are made to work for you in your surrounds. Mostly, we adapt exercises and movement programs to work within your existing routines and lifestyle, because we believe any ideas or strategies should be used in your ‘every day life’ doing ‘every day things’, and not as part of a separate routine or program.

For example, we can help you:

  • Climb stairs in your house.
  • Get out of your bed or chair.
  • Use your backyard or community pool.
  • Walk to the letterbox or down the road.
  • Access play equipment at a childcare centre.
  • Join peers at desk or tabletop activities at school.
  • Access transport options such as your family vehicle or public transport.

Using aids and equipment

Almost half of all people with a disability use some form of aid or equipment.

Our physios can prescribe the right aid, appliance or equipment for you to maximise your mobility, independence and quality of life.

We’ll also make sure you use these aids properly, safely and effectively.

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