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Suzanna V

in Melbourne South East

Suzanna has over eight years of dedicated experience as an advanced behavioural practitioner supporting clients across the lifespan. She excels in addressing a wide spectrum of complex behavioural and mental health challenges. Her experience spans various domains including psychosocial mental health concerns, extreme functional impairments, suicide, trauma, domestic violence, schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy from the ages of 5 years up to 90 years of age.

Suzanna is adept at working with both verbal and non-verbal individuals providing tailored support and interventions to meet her clients’ unique needs.

Areas of experience

Anxiety and stress management support

Family counselling

Support with depression and emotions

Emotional regulation

Fine motor skills development

Improving daily living skills

Increased independence

Spoken and non-spoken communication

Support after stroke

Support with communication challenges

Motivation and confidence-building

Psychological assessments

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Aids and equipment assessments

Functional capacity assessments and reports

Alternative communication technologies

Works with non-verbal people

LOTE - Macedonian , Serbian and Croatian


Diploma in Childcare – Cert 3
Diploma in Domestic Violence Trauma and Corrections
Trauma Certificate
Multi Agency Risk Assessment Framework
Dementia Training


Consistent, incremental progress leads to remarkable long term success.

How I work

Get to know Suzanna V

How can you support people?

Suzanna supports individuals, families and other organisations by actively listening to their concerns, offering empathetic understanding, providing practical assistance, advocating for their needs, fostering a positive environment, and continually educating herself to better serve their evolving needs. Her commitment to improving the lives of her clients is evident in her compassionate approach and profound understanding of behavioral health and positive solutions and outcomes.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Suzanna’s background equips her with a deep understanding of complex issues and enables her to tailor interventions effectively to meet individual needs, while also facilitating collaboration with diverse stakeholders to provide comprehensive support. She is highly experienced in navigating and integrating multiple systems of care. Suzanna has collaborated extensively with DHS, Police, Senior Support Coordinators, Wellbeing Supervisors at childcare and high schools, and aged care facility stakeholders.

What is your approach to working with people?

Suzanna’s approach to with working with people combines compassion, experience and a personalised method tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances. She actively listens, aiming to empower clients’ in achieving their behavioral goals. Suzanna’s method integrates evidence-based practices with a holistic perspective, ensuring comprehensive support and fostering a positive therapeutic relationship conducive to long term success and wellbeing.

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Mount Waverley

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