Therapy Services Through Telehealth

Therapy Pro uses evidence-based techniques and a creative approach to get real results from telehealth and online therapy.

5 reasons telehealth works

  1. Creates a different way for people to experience their therapy. Children often enjoy the use of technology and the interactive nature of clicking a mouse or touching the screen during sessions.
  2. Constructs an environment where the parent or carer is directly involved with the session, assisting the person, and providing feedback to the therapist. This involvement supports the parent or carer to learn new skills to continue the therapy in between sessions.
  3. Allows people to continue to access their therapy when face to face contact is not possible or restricted.
  4. Provides a convenient way for people to progress towards their therapy goals, especially for people who have complexities around engaging face to face or like to be in the comfort and safety of their own surroundings.
  5. Without the therapist physically in the room, the technology can act like a fly on the wall to monitor people’s behaviour and allow unfiltered observation during assessments and interactions.


What is telehealth?

Telehealth is when a therapist and client use technology such as a computer, tablet or phone to have a therapy session via video conference or phone.

Telehealth helps people who are far away, unwell or cannot be in the same place as their therapist for any reason to continue their therapy.

Do I have to pay for telehealth?

Telehealth sessions cost the same as a regular face to face session. You don’t need to pay a travel charge for the therapist to come to you and there is no cost to use the Zoom meeting software. All you need is your internet or a phone with internet access.

I’m not great with technology.

That’s ok. Before your therapy session, your therapist will send you a link to a meeting. This meeting is your telehealth therapy session. Click on the link and you will be joined by your therapist online. It’s much like a Facetime call on your phone but we use Zoom because it is a proven, secure and reliable platform.

How does Therapy Pro conduct telehealth sessions?

We use a virtual meeting platform called Zoom for telehealth sessions. There is no cost for you to access Zoom for your session, and it is a proven, secure and reliable platform. Zoom uses encryption which ensures privacy and confidentiality at a higher level than other options such as Facetime or a regular phone call.

Prior to your first telehealth appointment, your therapist will email you information on how to access your session through your computer or phone.

My child is young, I’m not sure this will work for them.

Our therapists are skilled at using online tools to conduct therapy sessions with participants of all ages. Often children like to see themselves online and enjoy the virtual engagement through telehealth therapy. Sometimes they just need a bit of support getting into the session or being shown where the camera is for example. Our therapists have tools they can use online to interact with children and often have a great deal of fun in these sessions.

In this video, Therapy Pro speech and language therapist, Jenny, discuss how Therapy Pro uses telehealth with clients.

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