Telehealth Therapy Services

Telehealth provides a convenient, effective and secure alternative to a face to face therapy sessions for suitable clients.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is when a therapist and client use technology such as a computer, tablet or phone to have a therapy session via video conference or phone. Telehealth allows a therapist to provide therapy to people who are far away, unwell or cannot be in the same place as their therapist for any reason.

Why telehealth works

  • People receive the ongoing benefits of client-centred therapy when face to face contact may not be possible.
  • Similar to a Facetime call on your phone, telehealth can be a really fun way to connect online and go through some different approaches to therapy.
  • By continuing therapy, it allows people to progress towards their goals without interruption.
  • Telehealth can save time and resources as there is no need to travel to an appointment.
  • Telehealth sessions cost the same as a regular face to face session, there is no cost to set up the session or purchase anything.

How does Therapy Pro use telehealth?

Therapy Pro uses a virtual meeting platform called Zoom for telehealth sessions. There is no cost for you to access your session, and it is a proven, secure and reliable platform. Zoom uses encryption which ensures privacy and confidentiality at a higher level than other options such as Facetime or a regular phone call.

Prior to your first telehealth appointment, your therapist will email you information on how to access your session through your computer or phone.

In this video, Therapy Pro Psychologist, Maree, discuss how Therapy Pro uses telehealth with clients.

Transcript of Maree talking about Therapy Pro telehealth

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Telehealth provides a convenient and effective alternative to a face to face therapy sessions and allows progress towards your goals without interruption.

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