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Asra S

in Sydney Greater West

Asra joins Therapy Pro’s Western Sydney team as a self-motivated and progress driven Behaviour Support Practitioner and Psychologist. Asra has an extensive background in the disability and mental health industry.

Areas of experience


Anxiety and Stress Management Support

Autism Spectrum Disorde

Behavioural Support and Advice

Emotional Regulation and Stress Management

Motivation and Confidence Building

PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Practitioner

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Support with Depression and Emotions

Works with Adults

Works with Children



“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start”

How I work

Get to know Asra S

How can you support people?

I support people by ensuring that the goals the have been identified are congruent to their motivations and personal values. Once this has been communicated clearly, the client and I will develop a clear plan of action which is suited to the current context. I use regular check ins to ensure that the goals identified are still relevant to the client.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Working in various roles in mental health and disability has taught me the importance of taking a person centred approach and understanding the context in which the person is experiencing the difficulties. It has also shaped my understanding of therapist as a flexible approach to ensure that goal achievement aligns with the client’s values and beliefs.

What is your approach to working with people?

My approach to support is acting as a guide. I like to compare it to being a navigation system in the car. Our clients have the ultimate control of the steering wheel whereas we act as the guide and every decision the client makes, we reroute our strategies based on the current situation they are in.

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Asra S can see people face-to-face in and around the following locations, or provide therapy Australia-wide over telehealth.


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Mt Druitt

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