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Gamze B

in Sydney

Gamze works with all age groups, supporting clients with Autism, Intellectual Disability and other diagnosis. She has an interest in providing assessment and intervention from culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Areas of experience

Support with depression and emotion

Emotional regulation

Improving daily living skills

Increased independence

Motivation and confidence building

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Functional capacity assessments and reports

Works with adults

Works with children

Works with non-verbal people


Bachelor of Psychology from Western Sydney University, Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours from ISN Psychology, Master of Applied Behavior Analysis from Monash University

How I work

Get to know Gamze B

How can you support people?

Gamze collaborates with clients, families, caregiver and therapists to create a cohesive support system, focusing on understanding behaviours and developing positive strategies for progress.

How does your background shape the way you work?

Gamze is a passionate and dedicated Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner with 5 years of experience supporting individuals of all ages who exhibit challenging behaviors. Gamze utilizes her expertise to understand the root causes of challenging behaviours through comprehensive assessments.

What is your approach to working with people?

Gamze prioritises positive reinforcement, focusing on identifying and celebrating desired behaviours to motivate individuals and develop effective communication skills. Gamze recognises that each person is unique, so she tailors her approach to their specific needs, preferences and learning styles to achieve the best possible outcome.

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