How a Therapy Pro social worker can help

Social workers offer an outside perspective and help people to see and understand how they interact and relate to the world around them.

Social work is about making connections:

  • Better connecting the person to their family.
  • Connecting the person or their family to the community.
  • Linking a person to formal and informal supports.

Through a focus on strengths and needs to improve relationships and everyday living, Therapy Pro social workers are skilled specialist professionals who can support both children and adults with:

  1. Emotional regulation skills and anger management programs.
  2. Environmental assessments and housing suitability.
  3. Social and relationship building skills.
  4. Functional behaviour assessments and the development of positive behaviour support plans.
  5. Connections into community activities, programs and groups.

Social work is also about making connections like a dot to dot.

Social workers can assist people to understand and identify that if ‘A’ and ‘B’ happens then ‘C’ is the likely reaction. This can assist support workers and family members to understand that when they respond to something that the person does, it causes a certain reaction/outcome.

Our team celebrates difference, assisting clients who are overcoming personal difficulties and structural barriers so that they are included and engaged, strengthening their independence and resilience in practical ways.

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An image of Danielle Forrest, social worker with Therapy Pro

Danielle from the Ipswich team enjoys all things behavioural, from conducting sessions for mild anxiety-related behaviours right through to conducting functional assessments and writing legislative positive behaviour support plans.

Meet the Ipswich team.

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An image of Danni French is a social worker on the Gold Coast with Therapy Pro

Danni from our Gold Coast team is interested in working with children living with autism who present with complex behaviours.

Meet the Gold Coast team.

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An image of Therapy Pro's Jan Coleman social worker

Jan from our Melbourne team brings her knowledge and professional experience as a speech therapist, special education teacher, counsellor, social worker, and the lived experience of MS, to walk beside people to empower them to get to the heart of what they want and need.

Meet the Melbourne team.

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An image of Penny Cosh who is disability support service provider Therapy Pro's Brisbane early childhood specialist social worker

Penny from the Brisbane team provides emotional support to parents and families adjusting to a disability diagnosis and helps them to navigate the maze of the disability world, by creating links and connections to find the right help for their child.

Meet the Brisbane team.

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An image of Kirsty Atkinson is a social worker with Therapy Pro, working in the Brisbane region.

Kirsty enjoys working with people who are going through large transitions in life, such as moving out of home (SIL assessments) and helping them to prepare for what’s next and providing strategies to cope and manage emotions.

Meet the Brisbane team.

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An photo of Sharyn McCarthy, social worker with Therapy Pro

Sharyn, has experience working with children and young people and their families and carers, specifically regarding trauma.

Meet the Toowoomba team.

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