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Adolescent Social Skills

This social skills group session is for adolescents who are trying to build their social skills to support daily conversations with family at home, would like to make friends at school, and increase their participation in the community.

  • Teens aged 13 to 18 years
  • Conversation and problem solving skills
  • How to make and maintain friendships
  • Develop functional skills to get a job

The online nature of the group sessions appeal to teens who might be shy or nervous, and supports participants who may be usually wary of group situations or social interaction. The format also suits teens who are comfortable connecting and chatting in an online gaming or social environment. The group environment enhances learning and interaction between participants, and enriches the therapy experience. 

Run by Therapy Pro’s Senior Speech and Language Pathologists and skilled group facilitators, Amy Coleman, Nicole Guinan and Sallyann Murray, participants will be guided through each weekly session, building a tool kit of questions, strategies and resources to prepare them to communicate more confidently. Amy, Nicole and Sallyann will brief each person prior to the sessions commencing to appropriately place them with other suitable participants and touch base approximately one month after to course to see how participants are going using their tool kit.

How it works:

  • Group sessions will run at the same time each week for six weeks.
  • The cost starts at $969.93* for six weeks and is available to NDIS participants to use their improved daily living funds.
  • A service agreement will be sent to confirm enrolment.
  • The participant will need access to a device – phone, laptop, tablet, PC – and the internet.
  • The participant will receive a summary report on completion of the course.

*This amount is calculated based on a ratio of three participants to one therapist for a six week course.

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Expressions of Interest

Complete an expression of interest to stay in touch and be notified about the next group session which will most likely start February 2022.

You can also contact customer service on 1300 004 414 or to ask any questions.

EOI for Therapy Pro Group Sessions

Complete this form if you would like to be notified when the next group session begins.






How do I pay for a group session?

There are a number of ways you can pay for Therapy Pro’s group sessions. You can use money from your NDIS allocation or you can pay as fee for service. We will set up a service agreement for you if you are an NDIS participant.

How do I access a session?

Currently all Therapy Pro group sessions are being run online. You will need access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You will need to have your video turned on and a microphone available so the facilitator can see and hear you.

I’m not sure learning online is right for me or my child

Our therapists are skilled in working and delivering the highest standards of therapy and intervention through an online platform. In some cases, online therapy provides a level of safety or distance some people prefer, and for young digital natives an online platform usually results in strong engagement in the session. Therapy Pro therapists are knowledgeable and experienced running group sessions and delivering interventions to children with an ASD diagnosis or communication delays.

What do I take away from the session?

At the end of a Therapy Pro group session, you will be provided with an individualised digital handbook outlining your feedback and progress, so you can continue with the strategies and tools at home.

In this video, Therapy Pro speech and language therapist, Marta, chats about how she works to develop social skills in teens.